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(at your location check out offsite events)
Add a faciliated team building debreif package to your location our ours, for added team building value relating the  game experience back to the workplace.         

More info below..

Team Building


Are you looking for teambuilding ideas?


Lockdown has you covered! Book your team with us! We can currently accommodate up to 55 players (45 Real Life Escape + 10 VR Escape) at one time!

There are also discounts, the larger the group the bigger the discount!

9-14 players = Adult $29.45 Youth/Senior $25.75 Child $23.80

15-26 players = Adult $28.80 Youth/Senior $25.20 Child $23.40

27-36 = Adult $27.20 Youth/Senior $23.80 Child $22.10

37-44 = Adult $25.60 Youth/Senior $22.40 Child $20.80

45+ = Adult $24.00 Youth/Senior $21.00 Child $19.50

Book your team/teambuilding event with us today!

403-986-4836 or

Team Building

 LARGE GROUP BOOKINGS Cancellation & Policy
Group Rates: are based on a charge per themed room participants. Each themed room can accommodate 2-6 and 2-8 players.  3 rooms are 13-20 player, 4 rooms are 19-26
Discount applies with 15 people or more rooms. If there is a change in participants and rooms needed the discount will be removed and invoice/payment will be adjusted if participant bookings are changed
If you have a change of participants and themed rooms needed to your booking please call to confirm or adjust through your confirmation email.

Cancellation policy: is 48 hours or more notice is a full refund per purchased ticket adjustment. 48 to 24 hours notice there is a 50% cancellation policy that applies. 24 -0 hours notice the is no refund to tickets.

Age restrictions: All children under 14 years of age need 1 adult in the game with them.

Payment - 50% deposit on all large group bookings. We only take 1 payment for large group balances.


- 60-90 min debrief

- Put more weight into the experience

- relate the experience back to the workplace

Facilitated Team Building

With trained and qualified facilitators the

debrief goes over: communication, defining

roles and decision making in the escape

room experience and relating it back to the

work place environment.

Includes highlighting areas where a team

can enhance and effectively communicate

while working as a team.

Alternately you can purchase this mini book

that will help you prepare and brief your team on your own.

TB book cover 2024.png

Level 1 Experience - click here for more info


-Basic Experience,

-Second meeting location (some facilities are an extra cost)

-Beverages and light snacks

-Our trained corporate teambuilding

facilitator for 60 –90 minutes after.

2.5—3 hours total.

Add $600 to Basic experience cost

Level 2 Experience - click here for more info


-Basic Experience for two rounds of

rooms for your group

-Facilitation between your two rooms

-Second meeting location (some facilities are an extra cost)

-Beverages and light snacks

-Our trained corporate teambuilding

facilitator for 60—90 minutes after.

4.5—5 hours total.

Add $750 to Basic experience cost.

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