Located in Central Alberta - Red Deer
The Lockdown Team

We started out as a family run business and quickly added some amazing team members. 


As a blended family who has always enjoyed games and teambuilding opportunities, we wanted to share our fun with others and bring a new attraction to Central Alberta.


Our team has grown to:

A Management Team - Tammy, Ken

South Location Team Leader - Sydney OM

Gamemasters -  Rhea S, Karen K, Jordyn P, Baily D

Facilities -  Chad S, James K, Devon B

Finance, Marketing - Tammy

We hope to provide a fun, enjoyable and challenging experience with our escape room games.  

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Themed rooms are created ourselves with the support from our Design team and Game Designers.


Themed rooms are only in play for 18 - 24 months, as we switch out the themes for our players to enjoy new ones.


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