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Common Questions & Answers

Q: How much does it cost? 

Adult (18+) = $30 + tax = $31.50 per player

Youth (15-17)/Senior (55+) = $26 + tax = $27.30 per player

Child (7-14) =$24 + tax = $25.20 per player

Players 6 years old and under are FREE

For teens 15-17 yrs (if a group of 15, 16 and 17 year olds want to book themselves without an adult you must call and book though our office). Players 7-14 years old must have an adult in the game room with them.


Q: How can I book? Through our website , call our office 403-986-4836 or walk ins are welcome if there is an open space available to accommodate. Pre-booking is recommended.

Q: Can I bring kids younger than 7? Yes! Needs to be approved by location staff and notes put in your booking as it depends on various factors: 1) Must Book 5 or more spots in the themed game room, all players must be related and most importantly all paying players (family or not) must approve kids accompanying the experience with you.

Q: Do you have discount for large groups? Yes, booking and playing 15 plus people there is discounts for more players. 

Q: Can our groups start at the same time? Yes, large groups with 3 or more rooms can call the office to arrange. However it is based on availability. 


Q: Birthday parties? Arrange to have your birthday at Lockdown with 5 or more people and the birthday person gets a special gift from us-  1 free Lockdown Gift. Please let our staff know two or more hours before (must be booking and playing with 5 or more people).

For any birthday person we can hide a birthday gift in the room, if it is brought to Lockdown ten minutes or more before gameplay time.

Q: Do you need a meeting room for corporate?  We have an opening area for small groups of 8 or less. We do not have on site meeting rooms however, there are facilities that offer space near both of our locations. Call for more information.   

Q: Do you have a birthday party room? YES! Our birthday party room is at our VR location (2 doors down from our south location). Our Party room can accommodate 12 people at one time. We provide two 8ft tables for you to use. Customers are responsible for clean up. Price is $150 per hour plus tax!


Q: How can I pay?  We accept online payments through all major credit cards and TD visa debit. 

                                 We accept payments at Lockdown through credit card, debit or cash.

Q: Do you have gift vouchers? Yes, stop in during business hours to pick up or order online

We do NOT accept "Entertainment" coupons. Only coupons created and distributed by Lockdown Escape Rooms Inc will be accepted. 

Q: How may people can play in a room? REAL LIFE ESCAPE ROOMS - Minimum 2 people and maximum 6 to 8 people depending on the game.  All games are private, exclusive to your group playing.

VR ESCAPE ROOMSMinimum 2 people and maximum 5.  All games are private, exclusive to your group playing.


Q: Minimum age? The games are for ages 7 to 100+. However everyone 14 yrs and under need to be accompanied by an adult who is 18 +years in the room. These game is great for families, teambuilding, date nights, etc.


Q: Do I need to bring anything? No, just yourself! There are lockers here to lock up any belongings. Lockdown Escape Rooms Red Deer will give you the tools you need to try and escape the room. 


Q: How long is the game?  Expect to be here an hour. The game in the themed room is 50 minutes. You will get a 3-5 minute intro into the room to explain game play before clock starts and  team photo after the game.


Q: Should I arrive early? Yes, approximately 5-10 minutes early as you will need to fill out a form before playing. If late you may have minutes taken off your game or need to be rebooked.

Q: What is the differences between your games? Game difficulty increases with less people in the room and who you have in the room. All themed rooms have very different games and logic puzzles. The games are played in the dark to enhance team building and some rooms have UV lights. You can request to play with lights on if you don't want to make the leader board, and have them turned off at parts where UV is needed.


Q: Can you get hints? Yes, hints/clues per gameplay. Hints/clues will impact leader board score. We give you 3 hints to be eligible for the leaderboard. If you are just doing it for fun, ask for as many hints as you need!


Q: Are you actually locked in? No, there is always a safe exit. It is about the game play and all your items needed to escape being "locked down".



* We disinfect flashlights, radios, locks and regular use items after every gameplay

  (yes sometimes 13 or more times a day for those items)


* We conduct a regular cleaning practice every day


* We conduct a thorough cleaning every week.

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