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Games that will build connections and create conversation between; friends, family, coworkers

GAME: 2 - 8 players

Logic Based,  Adrenaline based game

GAME: 2-8 player

Logic Based,  Adrenaline based game, Optional scare game

GAME: 2 - 6 players

Premium Logic Based,  Narrative Driven, Optional Scare game.

GAME: 2 - 6 players

Premium Motion Game,Logic Based,  Adrenaline based game

GAME: 2 - 6 players

Premium Logic Based,  Strategy Game

Haunted Manor Escape Room

Possible Scares in Room

GAME: 2- 6 players

Narrative Based, Sacre/Haunted Game

Things we will be doing to keep you safe

🔒Running at 25% traffic capacity.

Only 2 games running every 60 minutes, they are staggered start times so the chances of you seeing another group in the building is slim.

Please see our new hours of operations

🔒Game Rooms- We have added on 30 minutes sanitizing time for all game pieces, surfaces, floors, etc in game rooms. 

🔒UVC light usage (like they use in hospitals) to kill bacteria on walls, etc in game rooms, facility hallways, bathrooms, stairwells and waiting spaces. We have a few of them.

🔒Staff - social distancing protocols, staff will go through strict screening upon each shift, wear masks at all times and sanitize every 15 minutes or wear gloves

ALL Patrons 

🔒Will be required to sanitize upon entering. Wear masks in facility areas; foyers, hallways.. (Not in game area as you are with the people you usually quarantine with - NEVER with the public/strangers) 

🔒All games are private (with just who you bring/normally quarantine with)

🔒 Upon your arrival we have a few waiting spots in foyer for each group/quarantine buddies (people you typically quarantine with). If they are full we ask you wait outside for a few minutes and we will get to you as soon as we can. 

🔒With your sign in form there is additional Covid questions (check box- super simple)

🔒 We will be using our back door as an option for patrons to exit the building if needed. In addition we have 3 stairwells to traffic patrons through for upstairs games, the route with best option for no contact with other groups will be chosen by your Gamemaster.




Thought Process

The clues and puzzles have been specifically designed to incorporate different types of thinkers. The team must recognize the problems at hand and choose an individual who may be stronger in that area.  

Abstract Thought

The game requires and encourages the team to look outside the box. It is quite evident that once you enter the room, things are not as they seem. 

Time Constraints

You must solve difficult clues and puzzles as a team on a time constraint which mirrors working under pressure in the real world. 

Delegation and Leadership

In the chaos and confusion that awaits in the room, participants must take charge and delegate certain tasks and manage time wisely.

A Good Time

People will have a great time.Whether your playing a room for a Date, Work Team Building, a Get Together with Friends or just a Spur of the Moment Impulse. This event will prove to be a memorable experience for all!

Lockdown Escape Rooms Inc.
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